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The exceptional telecommunications company for Joilet, IL

Revolutionary Communications is a telecommunications company that is dedicated to advancing your business with tomorrow’s technology. Every project, large or small, is handled professionally and competently by our voice and data network technicians in Joilet, IL. We will work with you to complete all requested voice and data work by the desired deadline. Revolution Communications works to help the voice and data network of your business and your everyday functions flow smoother.

As a telecommunications company, Revolutionary Communications in Joilet, IL specializes in:

  • Voice and data network
  • Phone and data cabling
  • Business phone systems
  • Technology cabling
  • Telecommunications company
  • Video systems
  • Low voltage electrical systems

We stand behind our exceptional work and customer service. Revolutionary Communications knows how to keep you satisfied with your voice and data network systems.

We endeavor to be Joilet’s excellent telecommunications company

Since 2006, Revolutionary Communications has provided Joilet, IL, with extraordinary information and technology services while looking towards the future for newer solutions. We know you want an easy solution to your voice and data network issues and Revolutionary Communications can provide that.

We value our customers and services

Revolutionary Communications is the telecommunications company that can quickly and successfully install devices in your facility. We work to understand what type of problem you’re having with your current voice and data network and how we our systems can help get you the result you want.


Your phone and data network are a vital part of your Joilet, IL, business. Revolutionary Communications takes pride in being the telecommunications company your business needs. We’ll be there to help design a superior voice and data network and provide professional installation while using quality products. All these factors lead us to stand behind our services and ensure the best reliability, performance, availability and connectivity for your voice and data network. A bad design, poor installation or inferior product can result in a loss of business, additional costs and ongoing voice and data trouble. We look to the future of your business and plan for any requirements this may entail. By doing so, we can help keep your business from incurring extra costs for work performed after a project is finished.

Business phone systems:

Typically business phone systems are designed to meet the requirements of the business or home office. Telephones and the personal connections they provide have become an integral part of doing business in today’s world. Revolutionary Communications matches each company with the business phone systems that provides maximum productivity, cheapest control costs and the ability to better respond to your Joilet, IL, customers. We also offer VoIP solutions that integrate directly with your data network when applicable.

Video systems:

The qualified staff at Revolutionary Communications knows what it takes to successfully integrate precision video systems into your Joilet, IL, facility. We will completely install all aspects of your video system including security cameras, digital video recorders, IP cameras and network video recorders. We try to hide all wiring for the video system and if we can’t, we will suggest the best alternative. Revolutionary Communications performs all local, state and national codes.

If you need a trusted telecommunications company to improve your voice and data network systems in your Joilet, IL, business, call Revolutionary Communications at 815-370-2701.

Services we provide include:

  • Voice Cabling
  • Data Networks
  • Phone Systems
  • Video Systems